The President’s Message

To the Members of AOS,

November goes out with the Beaver Moon and what a Moon it was…. So visible not only during the night but so ever present it was in the morning…  I don’t think I remember it being this striking!  Winter is almost upon us as it begins on December 21 at 7:27PM.  At this time the sun will stand directly over the Tropic of Capricorn, providing the population of the Northern Hemisphere the lowest midday sun and shortest amount of day light.

I’m sure that you are noticing the bright objects right after sunset, Jupiter is gleaming in the southeast sky and giving Venus a run for the money…. Saturn, while not so bright in the southwest sky, is also apparent with the Summer Triangle moving far west providing Vega, Altair and Deneb as it says goodbye until next year… 

One of our favorites, Orion, has just been a wonderful sight as the weather has been spectacular for night and early morning viewing… Watch Orion as it chases Taurus the Bull with it Red Eye, Aldebaran, and as Taurus chases Pleiades, the Seven Sisters across the sky until morning sunrise…. It’s such a fantastic sight any time of the month!  While looking at Orion, don’t forget Sirius, the Dog Star or as Venus chases the darkness away in the morning…  Such a busy sky….

The Full moon joins us all and provides itself as a Christmas Present on December 25-27 with the full moon on December 26 at 4:33 PM

On a Special Note, AOS has been busy upgrading the Sue Rose Observatory.  Most members are not aware that AOS suffered a catastrophic disaster to  our existing 14” Orange Tube Classic that was donated to the Club by its former President Bill Bogardus.  As you can imagine, it was a horrible event that involved over 2 years of grief, battling UPS and ultimately WINNING!  

The win has now provided the next step to the future of AOSNY!

We, inclusive of YOU OUR MEMBERS, are the proud owner of a replacement 14” SCT EDGE, optimized for Astrophotography and viewing.  With this replacement scope we are in the process of updating the drive mount and providing for much needed renovations of the SRO.  

But that is not ALL….  We have an exciting new venture to discuss, and this will be discussed at our December Meeting!  STAY TUNED!!!!


December 3, 2023: Steve Conard: The New Horizons Mission from LORRI’s Viewpoint

January 7, 2024: Dr. Mark J. McCaughrean of the European Space Agency – Discussion M42 Orion the Trapezium and Discovery of Rogue Jupiter Mass Binary Objects (JuMBO’s)

February 4, 2024: AOS Member Mike Barnett in Person, Speaking on Stellar Atmosphere

March 3, 2024: TBA


TBD 2023: Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory – Special Guided Private Tour Palisades NJ

TBD 2024: Brookhaven National Laboratory – Special Guided Tour


December 16, 2023: See Events Page

Cant wait to see you all at an upcoming function!  

Jason Cousins, President

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