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The President’s Message

To the Members of AOSNY Astronomy Club,

As we welcome June 2024, I’m thrilled to share the latest news and events that will light up our month with astronomical wonders and club activities.

Before I start, I want to thank all the member/volunteers that participated in another successful Astronomy Day program at the Cradle of Aviation.  It turned out to be a beautiful day, with the anticipated clouds staying away all morning and afternoon, providing terrific solar viewing for the 400+ public attendees.  We are already looking forward to 2025 as we anticipate that the date will shift back to April and coincide with more local school participation.

Now on to the business at hand!

Firstly, we have some exciting celestial events to look forward to this summer:

  • Summer Solstice: On June 20th, we’ll experience the summer solstice, marking the longest day of the year and the official start of summer. This is a perfect time to appreciate the changing seasons and the Earth’s tilt in relation to the Sun.
  • Perseid Meteor Shower Timed with AOS Summer Picnic: One of the most anticipated meteor showers, the Perseids, will peak on the night of August 12th into the early hours of August 13th. Known for their bright meteors and high frequency, this meteor shower is a spectacular event you won’t want to miss. We’ll be organizing a special observation session to enjoy this celestial show together.
  • Full Moons: We are in for a treat with three wonderful full moons this summer. The “Strawberry Moon” on June 21st, the “Buck Moon” on July 21st, and the “Sturgeon Moon” on August 19th. Each full moon carries its own unique name and significance, providing us with perfect occasions for night sky observation and photography.

In addition to these natural phenomena, I’m excited to announce several local events designed to enhance our astronomical knowledge and community spirit:

  • Guest Lecture Series: On June 2nd, we will host Frank Melillo – Mercury Section Coordinator for ALPO (Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers), who will give a talk on 30 Years of Saturn in Pictures. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn from a leading expert in the field.
  • Custer Coffee Clutch/Star Party: Join us on Saturday June 29th at the Custer Institutes for a night of stargazing, telescope viewing, and socializing with fellow enthusiasts. It’s a perfect occasion to bring friends and family who might be interested in astronomy. Starting early with Solar Viewing.
  • Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory Tour: Finalizing plans and date that we have arranged a special tour of Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory slated for early July. This will be a unique chance to see the study of our planet the equipment used and learn about ongoing research projects.
  • The return of the Hofstra MAUS (Music & Astronomy Under the Stars).  Stay tuned to the AOSNY email listings for the five dates for Nassau County Parks and live music presentations throughout the summer.  Come on down  as a guest to one of the continued free summer music park series.  From Morgan Park in Glen Cove to Parks in Suffolk County, 5 special events will be available for volunteers.

As we look forward to these enriching experiences, I’d also like to update you on some important club matters. Our recent elections concluded successfully, and I’m delighted to introduce the new executive board members:

  • Vice President: Chris Klein
  • Correspondng Secretary: Bill Bradley
  • Recording Secretary: Dave Tang
  • Treasurer: Harvey Miller
  • Activities Director: Barbara Centrella
  • Night Sky Network Coordinator and Board Member-at-Large: Elizabeth Cantwell 

Congratulations to our new board members! I have no doubt that their passion and dedication will continue to drive our club forward.

Finally, I encourage all members to stay engaged and share your ideas or feedback on how we can make our club even better. Whether through participating in events, contributing to our newsletter, or simply reaching out with suggestions, your involvement is key to our vibrant community.

Thank you for being an integral part of the AOSNY Astronomy Club. Here’s to a month filled with clear skies, fascinating discoveries, and enriching experiences.

Warm regards,

Jason Cousins, President

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