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The President’s Message

To the Members of AOSNY Astronomy Club,

Firstly, mark your calendars for the awe-inspiring celestial event of the month: a Solar eclipse on Monday, April 8th. This rare phenomenon presents us with a chance to witness the mesmerizing dance between the Sun, Moon, and Earth. Totality is taking place across our NY State’s Northern Border while on Long Island it will vary between 89% and 90%.  For those not traveling north to see this typical once-in-a-lifetime event, let’s come together as a club to observe and appreciate the wonders of our universe in a local spot or at your home. Stay tuned for further details on viewing sessions and educational discussions set up by the State of NY at Connetquot State Park or Sunken Meadow State Park.  Cradle of Aviation has an event planned as well…. Take pictures, enjoy the event as you may, and share with us your thoughts and feelings when we meet on April 14th for our General Meeting.

In addition to the eclipse, I’m delighted to highlight some local events that may pique your interest. Rockland Astronomy Club will be presenting NEAIC (North East Astro Imaging Conference) and NEAF (North East Astronomical Forum) on April 18-19 and 20-21 respectively ( This event is taking place in Suffern, NY a short hop from Long Island, and is well worth the price of admission.  Events like these, offer fantastic opportunities to connect with fellow enthusiasts, learn from experts, and deepen our passion for astronomy. Your participation in these gatherings not only enriches your own experience but also strengthens our broader astronomy community.

Lastly, a friendly reminder about the upcoming club elections: our club’s leadership plays a crucial role in shaping our collective journey in exploring the cosmos. Whether you’re considering running for a position or casting your vote, your involvement is vital to ensuring the continued success and growth of our club. Stay tuned for more information on the nomination process, available positions, and voting procedures.

As always, I’m grateful for the dedication and enthusiasm each of you brings to our AOSNY Astronomy Club. If you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Together, let’s make April a month filled with celestial wonders, community connections, and meaningful contributions to our club’s legacy.

Clear skies and happy exploring!


April 14: Dr. Christopher E. Mason – Weil Cornell Medical Center – Professor of Ge- nomics, Physiology and Biophysics – DISCUSSION: THE NEXT 500 YEARS ENGINEERING LIFE TO REACH NEW WORLDS
May 5: Brother Guy Consolmango joins us to discuss a new topic


TBD 2024: Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory – Special Guided Private Tour Palisades NJ
TBD 2024: Brookhaven National Laboratory – Special Guided Tour

Jason Cousins, President

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