The President’s Message

To the Members of AOSNY Astronomy Club,

I hope this message finds you all well and filled with the same excitement for the cosmos that I feel each time I gaze up at the night sky. As we step into the month of March, there are a couple of celestial events and club activities I want to bring to your attention and items that we will discuss at our upcoming meeting this Sunday, March 3rd starting at 1:15 PM followed by our Guest Speaker Steve Lieber where he will provide his insights to the Geologic Activity on the Moon and how it will affect future construction, starting at 3:00PM.

Firstly, let’s talk about the much-anticipated Messier Marathon! This annual event is a favorite among our members, and this year will be no exception. Our marathon is scheduled for [insert date], and preparations are already underway to ensure it’s a night to remember. The Messier Marathon presents a fantastic opportunity for all of us to come together, explore the Messier objects, and deepen our understanding of the wonders above us. Whether you’re a seasoned stargazer or a newcomer to astronomy, there’s something magical about racing the clock to observe as many Messier objects as possible in a single night. Stay tuned for further details and logistics regarding our marathon night!

Looking ahead to April, mark your calendars for an extraordinary astronomical event: the upcoming eclipse. On April 8th, 2024 at approx. 3:20 PM, we’ll have the chance to witness a 90% partial solar eclipse from our vantage point or a 100% total eclipse if you are traveling along the path of Totality.   Take note that this is the last eclipse path over the United States until 2079 or again in 2144.  Eclipses are awe-inspiring displays of cosmic geometry, reminding us of the intricate dance between the Sun, Moon, and Earth. As a club, we’ll organize viewing sessions and perhaps even host educational talks to delve deeper into the science and significance of eclipses. Be sure to keep an eye on our communications for more information as the date draws nearer.

Lastly, I’d like to remind everyone about the upcoming club elections. Our club thrives because of the dedication and passion of its members, and serving on the executive board is a wonderful opportunity to contribute to our community. Whether you’re interested in running for a position or simply casting your vote, I encourage everyone to participate in this democratic process. Details regarding nominations, positions available, and voting procedures will be shared in the coming weeks. Let’s work together to ensure the continued success of our club.

As always, I’m grateful for each and every one of you who make our AOSNY Astronomy Club a vibrant and welcoming community. If you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


March 3, 2024:  Steve Lieber AOS Member
April 14: Dr. Christopher E. Mason – Weil Cornell Medical Center – Professor of Ge- nomics, Physiology and Biophysics – DISCUSSION: THE NEXT 500 YEARS ENGINEERING LIFE TO REACH NEW WORLDS
May 5: Brother Guy Consolmango joins us to discuss a new topic


TBD 2024: Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory – Special Guided Private Tour Palisades NJ
TBD 2024: Brookhaven National Laboratory – Special Guided Tour

Jason Cousins, President

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