The President’s Message

Happy New Year everyone. Let us hope that 2023 will finally bring us back to normal where we can all get together and enjoy bringing our outreach programs to the public.

We had a wonderful Holiday Party with AOS and ASLI members attending. Thanks very much to Jason C for finding a great venue with excellent food and service. Everyone got a box of holiday candy, hand warmers from Wendy & Ira L, and pens and lens cleaning cloths from Vito CLinda P provided an Astro Bingo game for everyone to enjoy. Several people had never played Bingo before. Prizes included astronomy books and a lunar globe from the estate of AOSer Bob C, red light pens, t-shirts, science beach balls, meteorites and an astro card game from ASP. We had a very successful raffle thanks to amazing prizes. Jason donated a cellphone eyepiece adaptor for astrophotos and Tony P and his company, donated space calendars as well as 10 OIII eyepiece filters. A great time was had by all. Thank you everyone.

Thanks to Vito and Jason for assisting with my presentation at the East Meadow Library on exoplanets. I’ll be giving another one January 14th at 11am to newbies of the hobby and helping with new equipment received at the holidays. Assistance is requested. Also at the Library, Larry G will be discussing the Return of Venus, the Last of Mars, Space Missions and More on January 25th at 7pm.

Many thanks to Professor Fred Walter of Stony Brook University who discussed the “ODYSSEUS” campaign to further study main sequence stars. At the January meeting, Bart F will present “Preserving Large, Historic Observatory Class Telescopes: Three Case Studies Highlighting Three Completely Different Approaches.”

Our February 5th meeting at 1:30pm will be in room 030 due to Hofstra recruitment in 117. Stars on Sunday, public observing at Hofstra, resumes February 12th.

Friends are like stars. You don’t always see them,
but you know they are always there!

Remember, the only dumb question is the one you don’t ask.

Please, everyone, be safe and be careful.

Sue Rose, AOSNY President

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