Photo of Don Machholz the Comet Hunter

Don Machholz, The Comet Hunter

Our next online meeting will feature returning guest speaker Don Machholz. The Amateur Observers’ Society of New York had such an amazing time listening to Don tell us all about the genesis of the term Messier Marathon, likely the northern hemisphere’s largest star party. Don’s talk also included him generously walking us through of his own technique for completing the Marathon—a feat he’s completed many times. This year, Don’s return is timed perfectly with the appearance of Comet C1/Leonard in our sky. Don has captured imaginations with his lifetime achievement of discovering 12 comets (and counting!) AOSNY will hear The Comet Hunter discuss the History of Visual Comet Hunting.

Don’s astronomical career and contributions to astronomy span over 60 years. He can be heard weekly on his podcast, Looking Up With Don, where he shares weekly sky news and always has something to teach listeners. You can learn more about Don on his website, (2 ‘h’s!). The Amateur Observers’ Society of New York is grateful for Don’s willingness to share his time with us from his home in Arizona where he observes the night sky about 120 nights per year. It promises to be as amazing as he is!


Dec 19 2021


1:30 pm - 3:30 pm




Amateur Observers' Society of New York

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