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AstroPalooza ’22

AstroPalooza is an event featuring many prominent authorities in Astrophotography and Astronomy.  This is their first event and its gonna be STELLAR! AstroWorld was formed to help astronomers and astrophotographers navigate through the bumps in the road when it comes to astrophotography. 

In 2018, Dan Higgins and Charlie Walsh began the on-line show “Cosmic Charlie and Declination Dan.” Their first guests were Douglas Struble and TJ Connolly. Tim Cowell from The Backyard Astro Imaging Club on Facebook later joined the show, and we coined the phrase, “An astrophotography collaboration from both sides of the pond.” In 2020, as contributors joined from around the globe, AstroWorld was born in its current form. Joining Dan, current members now include Eric Watson, Jason Jaynes, Simon Lewis, Tyler Bowman, Scott Cole, Teagan Grable, Jessi Wenke and Peter Meyers. 

AstroWorld’s shows are on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch, every Wednesday and Friday night. Their guest list keeps expanding, and has included: Scott Roberts, CEO Explore Scientific; Tom Bramwell from Primaluce Lab, USA; Ron Brecher, Warren Keller & Peter Proulx, from Masters of PixInsight image processing; astrophotographer Adam Block; and many others! As always, Keep imaging, Keep Educating, and Clear Skies!

Dan Higgins is a member of the Amateur Observers’ Society of New York and the founder of AstroWorld


Dec 10 2022


2:00 pm - 10:00 pm